Add Valves to Lawn and Garden Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

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One of the most frustrating projects for homeowners and professionals alike is repairing electrical issues in a complex irrigation system. Cables break, connections corrode, or the valve layout no longer matches the needs of the landscape. The Irrigander brand of irrigation products addresses these issues. We provide quality irrigation products rugged enough for use by professionals but easy enough for homeowners to install and operate.

Need to fix a broken cable? The Irrigander 2 Splitter valve switch uses one working field cable to control 2 valves. The switch divides the zone run time between the 2 valves. No need to run a new cable or spend hours finding the problem.

Need to add valves but don’t have unused wires in the irrigation cable? The Irrigander 4 Splitter valve switch uses one field cable to control 2, 3, or 4 valves. The Irrigander 4 Splitter valve switch detects the number of valves connected and divides the zone run time between the connected valves. Need to add valves but don’t have an unused output on the irrigation controller? The Irrigander 4 Splitter valve switch can solve that issue, too.

Have a water runoff problem? Implementing a “cycle and soak” watering method will help. In cycle and soak each valve runs for several shorter periods instead of one longer period. Between each watering cycle there is a soak period. Setting up cycle and soak timings on an irrigation controller can be challenging, even if the controller has a “cycle and soak” mode. The patent pending Irrigander 4 Soaker valve switch makes setting up a cycle and soak watering pattern easy. The switch creates three run cycles for each connected valve (up to 4) based on the previous zone run time. Between each run cycle the watered areas soak.

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